Led Lights Vanity Mirror- Create My Delicate Makeup Look

I believe every delicate girl has experienced that your makeup look isn’t perfect or eyeliner isn’t even due to the dark interior light or uneven distribution of light. Recently my girls and I are totally impressed by an amazing 21 Led lights vanity mirror with lights and magnification:

makeup mirror

When we see this magic LED mirrior at the first sight, we know it is a super gift for our daily beautiful life. Firstly attracted by her elegant design, simple but stylish. There is a smart switch on the mirror. Once touch it, the mirror is illuminating.

It has built-in 21 pieces adjustable Led, allows you to make up in the dark or poorly


light areas. When we touch the sensor switch for several seconds, which will change brightness

of the light gradually. Then we won’t need to worry about the light problem while making up any more.

In addition, it specially features 2X and 3X magnifying mirror, which provides you a perfect wide-angle viewing for blackhead removal, grooming brows, applying eyeliner and other detailed makeup application.

360 degree rotation

Its 180° free rotation of the stand ensures you a perfect and comfortable viewing angle. Besides, the base of the mirror also acts as a little tray for daily use holding: jewelry pieces, hair accessories, etc. It can either be operated by 4 pcs AAA batteries (not included) or USB cord.

makeup mirror

Owing this mirror, get my even eyeliner and gorgeous lipstick painted effortlessly. I’m the most sexy and confident lady in tonight’s party.

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