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Do you know why Santa Claus Wearing red clothes?

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Christmas Day is coming soon (December 25th), people from all over the world are preparing to celebrate this festival.

As we all know, It’s natural for us to think of a white beard, a fat man, wearing the red jacket (red combine with white, but mainly red), a sly smile or Kindly face (here will be coming out many versions in my mind).

Merry Christmas

Anyway, In West fairy tale, Santa Claus will be riding 8 sleds pulled by reindeer every night on the evening of December 24th and door-to-door from the chimney into the house. When the children are asleep, quietly put the gifts in the socks on the children’s bed or under the Christmas tree in the room.

Nowadays, People are used to wearing red Christmas hats in Christmas day. City street shopping mall is covered with red white and green colors.

Why does Santa Claus wear red ?

Santa Claus did not suddenly appear fully-formed one day he is an evolutionary figure.From the early eighteen century there was

a period of overlap during which the modern Santa Claus character coexisted with other Christmas figures and other versions of himself with different outfits 


In the mid of 19th century Harper's Weekly magazine ran a series of designs by Thomas Nast. He developed an image of Santa in a red suite.


After that in the beginning of 20th century  Coca-Cola company was looking for ways to increase sales of their product during winter which is a slow time of year for the soft drink market and they associated the  red-and-white garbed Santa Claus with Coca-Cola and the slogan "The Pause That Refreshes".Coca-Cola popularized this image they borrowed globally for their commercials during winters and made it popular.

In the recent history the red and white suit has been fixed and standardized by the above few and many more such certain publishing events and advertising campaigns in the western world and accepted worldwide.

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