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Christmas cute nail art design, awesome nail art onto your hands

Cutey little girls, Christmas day is coming soon.


Choosing a Christmas nail salon in advance will not miss such a chance to make Christmas nails take a photo and share the post with your friends!

The main color of Christmas manicure is red-green-white.

The elements are Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Christmas hat, snowflake, etc.

You can mix these elements with different color accessories.

Bling Bling Christmas nail salon looks so pretty.


1. Santa Claus with snowflake nail art

This style nail salon collection of Santa Claus and snowflake styles, not only with red and white but also blue sky and white clouds, it looks very refreshing, also can feel the atmosphere of Christmas


2. Red with white nail art

Simple red combine with white color, it’s easily brought out atmosphere of Christmas, white nail polish design above and below looks so cute.


3. Christmas Snowman nail art

Drawing a style of a snowman on thumb, then outline the Christmas tree on other fingers, by the way, you have to use a bright color with flash nail polish, that will improve the effect of shining and make your hands look more beautiful.


4. Red with Green nail art

Make a Green stripe on a finger, other nails are painted with different shades of red nail polish, and cover nail paillette for decoration looks simple and fashionable.


5. Christmas deer nail art

Red color nail design with white snowflake, then choose one finger and apply white nail polish and paint Christmas deer design, it’s very easy and hopes you like it.




For what has been Introduced, you NEED this magic [Nail dryer Lamp] to support you complete all kinds of pretty nail art.


This SUNmini LED Nail Dryer Lamp Available 2 cute of colors for your options: Pink and White. Get yours here:  https://bit.ly/2EgPDob

Why we have to use this LED Nail Dryer Lamp?

  1. It’s enough to cure 5 nails at the same time.
  2. It’s can be dry all kinds of nail gels faster and safer, and save your much time without hurting or dazzling your eyes and dirty your hands.
  3. As we all know, when you waiting for naturally dried nail polish, before drying just stretch out your fingers during this time can't shake and do nothing, at this moment if someone looks at your it’s so weird and awkward.
  4. The light will turn off automatically, you don’t have to look at watch all the time.
  5. You can put it in your makeup bag simple and easy way to take it to go anywhere.
  6. Every time change the different design of nail art, you will be in a good mood.


Merry Christmas! Lokabuy hope you have a good mood all the time!

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