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Best Hair Care tips

Best Hair Care tips

  1. “How long does the hair life?” If the hair falls off naturally, the male usually the life time of each hair is 2-4 years , female for 3-6 years.
  1. “Does lose a few hairs every day as a danger signal?”  Normally 50-60 hairs will lose in a day. Even if you lose 100 hairs, you don't have to worry in short-term. If you lose more than 100 every day for 2 or 3 months, it is abnormal “hair loss”.
  1. Please keep to the ventilation of the hat and helmet. If you always wear hats and helmets, hair will be very stuffy, it will make the hair airtight for a long time and suffocate the hair.
  1. “How long does the hair grow per day?” the average length is 0.03-0.04 cm per day.

Each month grow 1 cm. However, the fastest month growth in June and July.

  1. Don’t use nylon comb and head brush.that is easy to generate static electricity and brings bad stimulation to the hair and scalp. It‘s best to use a boxwood comb and a bristle brush to massage the scalp and promote blood circulation.
  1. Please don’t wash your hair everyday.

The hair washed every 2-5 days, when your wash your hair, take short time to massage the scalp, facilitate scalp blood circulation.

  1. Do not use strong degreasing or alkaline shampoo.

This type of shampoos tends to dry the hair,it's not good for your scalp. That pure & natural shampoo should be selected  depends on your hair.

  1. Eat more vegetables, cereals and fruits.

If the intake of vegetables is reduced, it is easy to cause constipation and "hemorrhoids", which affects hair quality. Get hemorrhoids,it also speeds up hair loss at the top of the head.

  1. Air conditioning temperature should be suitable. The warm and humid air conditioning and cold air of air conditioning can be the cause of hair loss and white hair. The air over dry and humidity is not good for protecting your hair.
  1. Quit smoking. Tobacco makes the scalp capillaries will be a shrink, which affects hair growth.
  1. Controlled drinking. Liquor produces heat and moisture in the scalp, make hair loss.

Beer and wine also should be moderate in drinking, and the liver should be “take rest” for at least two days.

  1. Eliminate the feeling of depression.

Mental state is unstable, and daily anxiety can lead to hair loss.

The deeper on the depressed, the rate of hair loss will be faster.
For ladies, life is busy and maintains proper exercise, the hair will be full of vitality.

However, men are more nervous and busier,hair loss chance will be higher.

Therefore, frequent deep breathing, walking, and relaxation gymnastics can eliminate mental fatigue.

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